Off the Streets houses the working homeless

Many working people are homeless simply because they can’t come up with a security deposit. Off the Streets is a spin-off of the Dorothy Day House that was established to get people with a source of income out of the shelters and into housing.

Western’s student nurses take on homelessness

Western’s student nurses got a glimpse of what it’s like to be homeless at Danbury’s City Shelter on Thursday. The Community Health Nursing program exposes students to the full range of people they will encounter in healthcare. The program focuses on visiting nursing, which tackles the health of the community at large. Orientations include the City Shelter, rotations in schools, hospices, and the senior center.

Danbury’s City Shelter Rehabilitates the Homeless

Danbury’s City Shelter is more like a rehabilitation center than a place to rest one’s head. In comparison to other shelters in the area, which are solely focused on providing shelter for the night, the City Shelter offers a structured system of services to assist the process of recovering from homelessness.

T-Shirts from The Clothesline Project are ready for pickup

Over 100 students voiced their support for the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence during The Clothesline Project’s national awareness event. The Women’s Center and Western’s CaRT team organized the event, which lasted from March 8 until Tuesday.

11 students volunteer for CT Publics Make a Difference Week

Western’s turnout for the first annual “CT Publics Make a Difference Week” was bleak in comparison to the “Day of Service” but the payoffs were just as rewarding. 11 students committed themselves on Oct. 23 to four hours of service at two locations: ESCAPE to the Arts and Danbury Museum and Historical Society.