Summer Study Program in Spain

Running from mid-May to mid-June, the WCSU Summer Study Program in Spain allows for students to spend a summer attending class in Malaga, Spain at the cost of only $4,300, an estimated thousand dollars less than other schools’ programs.

The program is open to all WCSU students, and not only can it be used to fulfill the Intercultural Competency/Foreign Language requirement, but all classes taken can count for electives or major/minor requirements in Spanish. In addition to education, the program also gives students opportunities to travel to the cities of Madrid and Marbella and learn how to dance the flamenco and cook Spanish food like paella and tapas.

Study-abroad program going to Malaga and Morocco this summer

Jordan A. Sprogis | Editor-in-Chief For the 10th anniversary of the summer study-abroad program in Spain, Western is going to Malaga and Morocco from May 18 to June 19. Art professor David Skora will also be attending this year, so as part of the program, there will be historically art-based lessons and tours, including a visit to the Museo of Picasso in…