Ned Lamont at WCSU: Candidate Addresses Questions, Reaffirms Campaign Platforms

By: Joseph Oliveri Democratic gubernatorial Candidate Ned Lamont visited Western Connecticut University on Thursday, September 24th to address questions from students and faculty concerning his platform. The forum was held on WCSU’s Westside Campus. Lamont, a former cable magnate and 2006 Senate Candidate faces the Republican candidate, former GE and UBS executive Bob Stefanowski and…

Bernie makes his way into Connecticut

Bernie Sanders made his way into New Haven two days before Connecticut’s primary on April 26. Gathered on the New Haven Green, a park in the center of downtown, people smushed together like sardines in a can as they gravitated towards Michael Stipe, the former lead singer of R.E.M., who introduced Sanders. “As the only…

10 days left to apply for the internship of a lifetime

The chance to cover news stories on the frontlines of the Presidential election and upcoming battle over the future of the Supreme Court is dwindling fast. March 16 is the final deadline to maximize your time this summer by taking courses for 3 to 9 transferrable credits from George Mason University.

Trump and Clinton win the Nevada Caucus

On Feb. 23, the Associated Press released the results for the Republican Nevada Caucus in which Donald Trump emerged with another victory. Trump won with a whopping 14 delegates and 43.9% of the votes. This shows he has an actual chance for nomination as he now has three consecutive victories in the Republican primaries. The…

47 Traitors or Patriots?

It is no secret that the U.S. Congress continues to​​ struggle with bipartisanship. Tensions between both Republicans and Democrats reached an all-time high on Monday, March 9th when it was revealed that 47 out of the 54 incumbent GOP Senators signed and delivered a letter to the Iranian government that some believe was meant to interfere with the nuclear negotiations between the Islamic state and the United States.