Multiple Uses—No Excuses

  By: Leslie Pizzagalli The three R’s of recycling are typically introduced to us at an early age: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Yet, what about three more that might help the way Connecticut residents look at recycling: revive, renew, and rebuild. “Saving the environment” may seem like a tall order, but it’s actually quite simple….

Yoga-nna Love Chocolate Therapy

By: Leslie Pizzagalli Sitting in yoga class, you know my ears perked up once I heard Professor Lara Ward explain there was “chocolate therapy” available in Western’s Holistic Health Center. Whatever it was, I needed to know more. After further investigation, I discovered that the Holistic Health Studies Center is located in Berkshire Hall, room 119C….

Who Run the World? Squirrels.

by: Leslie Pizzagalli     There is a question that crosses my mind often while walking through Midtown to class: why are college squirrels so friendly? I have experienced several instances where the squirrels on Western’s campus approach my feet without hesitation. I have witnessed squirrels leap onto the tables outside the Student Center while…

Leaves Are Falling, I-84 is Crawling

by: Leslie Pizzagalli Being a commuter and a first-time transfer student is no simple task, and those of us who take four wheels to Western in the morning (or afternoon… or night…) can agree that I-84 is no joyride. Nevertheless, the vibrant walkway of leaves during the first few months of the fall semester make the…

Nostalgic Homage to Homecoming Week

by: Leslie Pizzagalli Western Connecticut State University’s Homecoming Week Street Fair held on October 7th at the Westside Campus had passersby hopping — or should we say hooping, skipping, and jumping down to The Echo’s table for a good time. Not only was there an abundance of food trucks, booths filled with activities, and bouncy castles,…