Fairfield Hills State Hospital
Photo: Haunted Rooms

By: Jade Broadnax

Are the spirits of those who came and went before us at Western Connecticut State University hiding in plain sight? Can they be seen and heard in our favorite on-campus haunts? According to campus lore, they do, which comes as no surprise considering Connecticut is home to a number of sites purported to be haunted, like Fairfield Hills State Hospital, Remington Arms, and Norwich State Hospital. Rumors and stories have been passed down throughout the years from teachers and alumni to students about the campus being just as haunted.

According to Dr. Brian Stevens:

“There’s no like. . . documentation that I know of about any of the ghost stories, but I’ve heard a few. One of them has to do with Fairfield Hall and a student who commited suicide and then suposedly their ghost is in some room in Fairfield Hall that’s haunted.”

The ghost Stevens is referring to is “Mirror Mary,” who roams the dorm building and, allegedly, can only be seen through a mirror.

There is another ghost that is rumored to haunt the Berkshire Theatre. Daphne, as she is commonly referred to, is said to move props across the room and around the stage. She also likes to flicker the lights in the theater when people are around. She doesn’t shy away from people and tends to make herself known. According to the Shadowlands Haunted Places Index, Daphne is a very active and social ghost.

Although many of these experiences are speculative, it’s enough to make you think about the mysterious history of WCSU. The college was established in the early 1900’s, meaning that it was around for countless historical events. For example, the school’s archives contains a collection of various letters from Civil War soldiers who have passed on. 

WCSU even had haunted tours around campus in 2006, which were hosted by Dr. Darla Shaw, because of the prevalence of purported paranormal activity on campus. WCSU is one of countless haunted locations in Connecticut, and on Halloween it stands to reason that all you need to do to experience the paranormal is go looking for it.