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Deborah Larosa stands next to the Open House sign outside AccessAbility Services office

Source: Kennedy Shaffer

By: Kennedy Shaffer

On Wednesday, Sept. 4, WCSU’s AccessAbility Services (AAS) held the second annual AccessAbili-Tea Open House in their office on the basement level of White Hall in Room 005. Tea and cookies were served and attendees were encouraged to partake in arts and crafts. Lauren Kerton, a student who works with AAS, was on hand to assist in the activities, which included the chance to create a popcorn-filled stress ball or bookmarks featuring tips about finding healthy ways to relax and forming good study habits, and educate students about the various services AAS offers. The office also raffled off a gift card to the WCSU Bookstore. 

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Source: Kennedy Shaffer

AccessAbility Services (formerly Disability Services) provides accommodation to university students with disabilities. The services they provide include, among other things, extra time on exams, reduced-distraction environments, and one-on-one help with coursework, and they are tailored to the specific needs of each individual. 

Math and science specialist Sapna Sarat said, “the AccessAbility Office has many resources, not only to provide accommodations to students but to help them be successful in their courses.” When asked what skill she believes to be most important to college success, Sarat stressed the importance of time-management. Reading and writing specialist Deborah Larosa agreed with Sarat, adding, “Students should come sooner rather than later. Come early and get started on those good habits.”

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Source: Kennedy Shaffer

The AAS page on the WCSU website states: 

“AccessAbility Services coordinates and provides accommodations and support services to over 400 undergraduate and graduate students with documented disabilities. AAS seeks to accommodate students with documented disabilities to allow them equal access to their education. Accommodations are designed to level the playing field for students with disabilities, while maintaining the integrity and standards of each academic program.” 

The AccessAbility Office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters. They can be reached by telephone at (203) 837-8949 and by email at For more information, go to the AccessAbility page on WCSU’s website at