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By: Ryan Yursha

The Echo is launching a GoFundMe campaign to support our fundraising efforts, the proceeds from which will go towards publishing print editions of our newspaper. You can donate here.

We are—or were—the independent student-run newspaper at Western Connecticut State University. Founded in 1955, The Echo has been covering stories on campus and in Danbury for 64 years. Throughout The Echo’s tenure at WestConn, the students involved have gained invaluable experience in both print and online news production, learned the significance of news reporting in a small campus community, and found their journalistic voices.

But over a decade ago, The Echo lost its account with a local printer, the paper went out of print, and online production slowly, but steadily, dwindled. During the 2018-2019 school year, our website,, published 28 articles, and we only have an account balance of $1,250 to pay for operating expenses and on-campus events to bolster our staff, publish print editions, and return The Echo to its former glory.

We’re recruiting the writers we need to keep up with all the news near and dear to the WestConn community’s hearts and minds. We have a production schedule that will fill pages. We’ve developed a social media strategy that will provide us with exposure, both individually as writers and as an organization. Now we just need your help to fundraise.

Our goal is to raise $1,200 to pay for the publication of four print runs for our newspaper this semester: 50 copies of 16 pages each, once a month.

By publishing print editions of our newspaper, we’re able to gain real-world experience before we venture out into the professional world, thereby accomplishing our goal of providing a place where we can introduce incoming writers to journalism and publication design, foster the talent we already have, and highlight our senior writers as they work towards graduation and their careers in professional writing. Our hope is that through this fundraiser and our work this year, we will be able to revamp The Echo and create something sustainable that will continue to serve WestConn’s writers, the campus community, and Danbury for years to come.

So alumni and alumnae, either of WestConn or The Echo itself, students, parents, professors, and those of you who are unaffiliated but recognize the importance of student journalism, we at The Echo ask that you help us by donating whatever you can to get us back into print. We can’t wait to show you all how talented WestConn’s writers are in our future editions.