Photo Courtesy: Audrey Redpath

By: Audrey Redpath

For two weeks, the MicroMarket in Midtown’s Student Center will be open until 8:30pm. If the new hours generate $500 in sales, Dining Services will find a way to extend the hours permanently.

On Monday, March 4, Campus & Student Centers and Auxiliary Services Director Dr. Paul Simon and Don Grayson, WCSU Sodexo’s general manager, visited Newbury Hall’s council meeting for student feedback and left with an immediate change. Following Spring Break, Sodexo will run a two-week pilot program testing out evening hours at the Midtown MicroMarket. Simon and Grayson emphasized the importance of community input on Dining and Auxiliary services, but made it clear that students need to muster public support and obvious sales for changes to become permanent. Sodexo will also be transitioning from styrofoam plates to plastic plates for to-go orders in the Student Restaurant, after hearing out environmental concerns from Newbury residents.  

The MicroMarket is located in Colonial Corner in the basement of the Student Center. After student feedback from last semester, the market started accepting meal swipes in addition to CONNect cash. Now, following a second round of student feedback, Dining will offer students an extra four hours in the afternoon (4:00 to 8:30pm) of to-go food and drinks from March 18 to March 29. The hours will not be considered for a permanent change unless sales during this period surpass $500 during the new evening hours.