Photo Courtesy: Audrey Redpath

By: Audrey Redpath


A vending machine knocked over at Newbury Hall will cost the residents over $1000 in repair fees. The snack machine in Newbury Hall’s main lounge was shoved over and broken Saturday, Jan. 26 in an act of vandalism that resulted in a significant bill for the residence hall, according to Newbury and Fairfield Resident Director Maranda Cox.

An outside company in charge of campus vending was brought in to repair the machine earlier last week. Damage included broken snack trays behind the glass, the price and label signage, and the vending machine’s touchscreen credit card processor. Repairs, along with labor costs, resulted in a charge of around $1000, Cox said.

In the residence hall, Public Area Damages (PAD) are fees charged to resident students at the end of each semester. PADs are charged to the person responsible only if the University can identify them. As the Housing office has not been able to identify a culprit, the PAD for the vending machine incident has officially been filed. Unless new information comes to light, Newbury Hall residents will have to split the near $1000 fee for the repairs at the end of the semester.

RD Cox urged students to come forward with information about the incident. The Housing & Residence Life Handbook encourages students with information regarding PADs to contact your Hall Council officers, an RA, or an RD assigned to your building.

A report has been filed with the Campus Police Department, and an investigation is ongoing. While Newbury Hall is accessible only by resident or staff keycard, students may check in guests. Late night and early morning guests are often unaccounted after the information desk closes for the night.

The vending machine was toppled and left face-down on the carpet in the residence hall’s main lounge sometime between 2 a.m. and noon that Saturday. Once on duty, resident assistants and information desk staff posted warning flyers and a large banner in the lobby announcing the main lounge’s closure. The main lounge in Newbury Hall was reopened Monday afternoon, after contractors repaired and righted the machine.

“I am disappointed in the lack of respect for the building,” Cox said. She emphasized that she was particularly frustrated as she had asked the residents to take better care of the facilities at the semester’s opening hall meeting on Jan. 21. That message has had mixed results. In addition to damages to the vending machine, Newbury 4th floor residents were informed last week that an unknown student or guest had urinated in a public garbage can, and that the floor would be charged a $250 PAD for cleaning in unsanitary conditions and bodily fluids if the responsible party was not identified.

Cox left on an imperative note for her residents: “I expect in the future our community will treat our building with more respect.”