By: Trevor Lilly

On Saturday, September 22, WCSU hosted its first annual Grit n’ Wit event. Students, faculty, and staff alike could compete in teams of up to 6 people in a mile-long obstacle course winding through most of the midtown campus.

Keeping true to its name, the course featured both physical and mental challenges to test competitors in every aspect of the word. Such tests could range anywhere from slide puzzles and math problems to balance beams and climbing walls, making for quite the varied ensemble.

The first, second, and third-place teams were awarded Grit n’ Wit t-shirts; the first-place team would also have the opportunity to compete in a national Grit n’ Wit event on behalf of the school. Once finished, each team had the chance to go through the entire course again in order to beat their previous time, although only the first time recorded for each team was counted in placement. Those teams who chose to go through the course again to beat their previous score were also awarded t-shirts.

I was granted the opportunity to compete in this event, finishing in second with my team of three. We found early on that a balance of teammates was key. The smaller the team, the less support one has; the larger the team, the more time each obstacle takes. It was also important that between the three of us, we had team members skilled in a range of both physical and mental challenges. Many teams’ downfalls could be attributed to just one challenge.

To view pictures and videos of the event, you can visit their Instagram page @gritnwit. Plans are currently being made for the event to return to WCSU next fall.