By: Sophia Orejola

Taken by Sophia Orejola


On Wednesday, September 12, the Career Success Center hosted their Career Event for the Fall semester, open to all WCSU students. The event was held at the Westside Campus Center ballroom from 12:30pm to 3:00pm, and attending students were advised to come as they are. Bringing resumes to the event was optional.

Thirty-five different companies attended as participating employers from several industries; these included but were not limited to, non-profit organizations, healthcare, government, hospitality, manufacturing, technology, education, and the arts.

The event reached out to students from a variety of majors, balancing the number of employers to represent each field of study. The companies themselves ranged from community-based organizations such as NYU Sports Fitness and the Sherman School District to well-known businesses including Aflac, Goodwill, and Ethan Allen. Some booths even represented the Navy and US Army for students interested in security and law.

“Several students who have decided on a major often have no clue what career they wish to pursue after they graduate. The Career Event is an opportunity for the university’s students to explore the career possibilities and broaden their horizons… I am hoping that students leave here with some idea of where they would like their career to go,” said Kathleen Lindenmayer, director of the Career Success Center and coordinator of the Career Event.

During the event, the Career Success Center also provided students with written tips on how to present themselves to employers such as making introductions in a positive and confident manner, maintaining good eye contact, and discussing their qualifications and background.

Students were also encouraged to ask the employers questions during the event regarding the jobs presented, preparing for their own career path, and opportunities to advance themselves in their field of study.

Each employer even provided business cards, as well as their own company pamphlets and booklets for students to take back with them.

To make progress on securing a job position, students who attended the Career Event are advised to follow up with the companies that interested them, and visit the Career Success Center for further practice on interview skills.