by: Alyssa (Lulu) Meyers

WARNING: Explicit Language

Dearest heartbroken, heartbreakers, and heartless,

Are you going to be single this Valentine’s Day? Do you want someone who does not want you back? Are you trying to get over someone? Perhaps you are generally in the mood to feel empowered after recent rejecting a “fuckboi*?” If you have answered “YES!” any of these questions, this “Anti-Fuckboi Mixtape” might be right for you during this commercial holiday- or year-round “because who doesn’t want an anti-fuckboi mixtape in their life?”

Hello, everyone! My name is Alyssa Meyers, but you can also call me Lulu. I am President, Editor-in-Chief, Social Media Manager, Advice Column Editor, and Co-Advice Columnist of Western Connecticut State Univerity’s Student-Run Newspaper, The Echo: “We’ve had issues since 1955.”

Welcome to my first advice article for my fellow WCSU Colonials. This particular article is in honor of Valentine’s Day. More specifically, this advice goes out to anyone that has, currently is, or ever will deal with a “fuckboi.”

To be honest, I do not care for Valentine’s Day, but for the first time, I do have a Valentine; thankfully one that dislikes the commercial holiday like I do. So, if part of taking my advice is to feel somewhat bitter towards me, feel free to leave a comment below.

I have recently crafted the following playlist below for a friend in need of inspiration to explore the powerfully independent side of being single. With the upcoming holiday- the first of which I am not single for-, I decided I would start my sharing of advice with a favorite: protecting yourself against “fuckbois.”

So, what is my first piece of advice, aside from listening to my “mixtape?” Be as honest with yourself and with others as you can. In addition to this, try to practice trusting and believing that the people you are honest with, are honest with you in return. If you find yourself continuing to struggle and be unsure, remember that communication is key, but a key can unlock something, not open it up. Furthermore, you may never know, if you never ask.

Love (too soon?),


PLEASE NOTE: Whether or not you enjoy this playlist, this is a friendly remember that Valentine’s Day-based candies, such as chocolates, tend to go on sale starting the day after the holiday.

* The term “fuckboi” is used in this article as a gender-neutral phrase.