by: Leslie Pizzagalli


Being a commuter and a first-time transfer student is no simple task, and those of us who take four wheels to Western in the morning (or afternoon… or night…) can agree that I-84 is no joyride.

Nevertheless, the vibrant walkway of leaves during the first few months of the fall semester make the stop-and-start travel a little more bearable. Sometimes, those extra added minutes taking the backroads to avoid the highway make it all worth it. A peaceful early or midday afternoon cruise to campus can add a surge of color to a tedious trip. Being a student who commutes from a town over twenty minutes away, the tiny road trip to class is not the only thing that takes some getting used to. However, time management is an important factor to take into account when dashing from driver’s seat to desk.

Only a month or so in and it is likely that a WCSU commuter student begins to learn that a precious morning coffee run may just turn that stroll to class into a sprint. Every minute counts when it comes to making it on time to class, and factoring in the unpredictability of the freeway throws a wrench into the (home)works.


Despite the usual stress of the rush, there is nothing quite like seeing a plethora of fall foliage on a crisp, colorful morning. When I am not hustling my way to class in the morning, I like to sit outside the student center under one of the numerous umbrella-shaded tables. The secluded setting is perfect for catching up on schoolwork and sightseeing the campus’ greenery.

The plummeting temperatures are approaching, but with this hot and cold yo-yoing weather, it is uncertain when I will have to pack up my backpack and head inside to locate a new homework hideaway. Until that unfortunate, chilly time comes, I will be outside basking in the changing of seasons.