By Elizabeth Phillips

If you happened to walk by the Student Center at Western’s Midtown campus on last Tuesday March 21st, you may have been asked if you would like to decorate a t-shirt. This was the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury’s Clothesline Project. Inspirational messages and pictures were drawn by students on white t-shirts and then hung in the student center for all to see. Their hope was for the messages on the shirts “to inspire others,” as Campus Counselor/Advocate Jill Daddona explained.

As of today, the shirts are still hanging in the Midtown Student Center lobby.


In 2007, Western Connecticut State University and The Women’s Center of Greater Danbury signed an agreement for the Women’s Center to provide domestic violence and sexual assault outreach services to the Western community. Through projects, such as the Clothesline Project, they hope to trigger other students into reaching out for help and knowing that they are not alone with what they have endured. The Women’s Center’s main goal: “To stop violence and bring support to survivors of domestic violence,” as Child and Campus Counselor/Advocate Melissa O’Connor stated.

They offer support to not only victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, but also to those who have family members who have been victims, as well as anyone who has been affected. Further, the center is not simply for women, but men too, and every age is welcome. The counselors are there to help and everything is kept confidential.

If you are a victim or know a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault and would like to meet with one of the counselors they are located on the Midtown Campus in Higgins Hall Annex room 105 C and on the Westside Campus in the Campus Center, 3rd floor, room 300E. For more information on the center, its counselors, and the programs and support they offer, visit their web site –

24- hour hotline:

Sexual Assault: (203)-731-5204

Domestic Violence: (203)-731-5206