In a generation where one can purchase contraptions like the Smart Mattress to catch a cheating partner, no one should have been surprised when one of our favorite celebrities Beyoncé came out with her visual album Lemonade dishing the details on Jay-Z’s infidelity. Yet, shocked we remain. Beyoncé always manages to create a buzz in the bey-hive, first with her hit-single Formation dropping right before the Super Bowl, and then with built-up anticipation for her the album, Lemonade, which is by far one of her best masterpieces yet.


The album is an hour-long combination of poetry, music, and visual eye-candy. Beyoncé takes us on an emotional journey through denial, anger, emptiness, accountability, forgiveness, redemption, hope. As we know, Beyoncé is not shy to celebrate black culture demonstrated in her video Formation which highlights the after affects of Hurricane Katrina on the black community and discourses about racially-charged police brutality. In her album Lemonade, Beyoncé again does not shy away from commentary on the “black woman as the most disrespected person” and black men’s roles in their families’ lives. Honest, breathtaking shots of black neighborhoods that bespeaks pride of her roots are a welcome sight after the death iconic African-American figure Prince. Lemonade is not just a one-watch album, filled with complex layers of multimedia, it is a truly transcendental experience that breaks the internet and artistic barriers.