WCSU alumnus publishes new novel, “The Code Silencer”

A few years into the elusive and exciting career of bounty hunting, Edwin Rivera decided to turn to the books and attend Western Connecticut State University to major in JLA from 1996 to 2001.

142096ac-f3b7-4bc5-94de-61b426986128.jpgAnd while challenging his creative side, Rivera ended up publishing several poems and eight novels over the next fifteen years.

“Dr. Harold Schramm was a mentor to me at WCSU,” Rivera recalls. “He was always giving me good advice and encouragement. I am grateful deeply to WCSU.”

Most recently, Rivera published The Code Silencer, a novel about a futuristic bounty hunter who must save humanity from an evil one-world government.

“It’s a very misunderstood line of work that provides more benefits to society than one may think,” Rivera says of The Code Silencer. “We’re a group of mavericks not afraid to break the rules and endure personal sacrifices in order to get the job done. This story will open people’s eyes to the work we do.”

This year, Rivera retired from 26 years of bounty hunting.

“My body could not take it anymore,” Rivera says. “I got older, a little worn out, so I stopped. [And] although I still have my state credentials, I don’t take any jobs or assignments.”

Rivera grew up in the Bronx and moved to Danbury when he was 12 years old and always had a knack for reading and writing. It was an English Composition course at Western that turned him onto storytelling.

“It was then that I felt someday to write a novel,” Rivera says.

Unfortunately, life isn’t fair and sometimes throws the hardest curveballs. For Rivera, it was when his sister got sick and writing for fun suddenly came to a halt.

When his sister, Mayda, fell ill in 2007, Rivera promised her that he would finish his book and get it published as soon as possible. And luckily, she was able to read it. 12966229_809194005852742_1887442784_n.jpg

“I was writing for fun, but not serious enough,” Rivera recalls. “I made the promise to her to finish A Writer of Time and to donate money from every book sale I made to fight against lymphoma.”

But by January 2008, his sister had passed. And though Rivera grieved for her, his promise only motivated him to keep writing.

“During her stay in the hospital, I went to her room and gave her a copy of the book. That woman cried – but not for feeling sorry or sad, but of celebration, as she said to me, ‘You did it, bro.’ I never in my wildest dreams knew how impactful writing could be to anyone reading it in the world.”

“I loved her and I dedicated the next upcoming novel, The Realm of Writers, to her. Since then, I’ve been writing to get published,” he continues.

Rivera is also the author of The Hills of Galbothia, Unforgiving to Forgiven, and Dreams Desires.

Most recently, Rivera was inducted into the Poetryfest Hall of Fame. And as for what’s next?

“I have used this gift to get away from the moment of sadness and to bring something  to people around the world,” says Rivera. “My goal is to have my novels on the big screen.”

Visit Edwin Rivera on Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.



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    Awesome work


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