Students get messy at Tie-Dye with Show Choir


Students took a break from their busy schedules to get messy at Tie-Dye with Show Choir on Thursday.

signal-2016-04-14-144134[1]Clarence Pacete is a Junior majoring in Social Work. Pacete is President of  the Show Choir, a club at Western that invites anybody who want to sing to join and have fun.

The club performed at Relay for Life on Friday with Drum Circle. They also perform at the Coffee House.

“Tie-Dye with Show Choir is a fun event where anyone can bring a t-shirt, socks, underwear or anything that is white and have fun being messy,” said Pacete.



Emily Romero is a Sophomore majoring in Math.

“A lot of us don’t know how to tie-dye, so that’s what’s nice about it. We’re here just to make mistakes because I know we can’t really make mistakes in class,” said Romero.

“We can just make a mess and have some fun. Hopefully, next year we can get some handkerchiefs and have people tie-dye handkerchiefs,” she added.

Jimmy Gillis is a Freshman majoring in Computer Science.

“It’s just a little thing for fun. We all have that end of semester stress by now, and it’s good to have a little stress reliever just for fun,” said Gillis.










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