Even if you don’t agree that Mulan is the best Disney Princess, I think we all can agree that she’s the most bad-ass (pardon my French). While dominate personalities in female leads flourishes,  we also continue to see a procession of physically strong women such as Rey from the newest Star Wars The Force Awakens, or Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman. This common theme of female fighters leads me to my next thought: how can this empower women beyond the screen?


One of the directions I think this is leading woman in is in self defense.

The movement surrounding the issue of rape culture is a brave one and one that needs to be heard. However, I have too often heard misleading statements such as “don’t teach me not to…teach your sons not to…” You fill in the blanks.

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These kinds of statements are not only sexist because men can get raped too. But it operates under the false assumptions that 1) all men are inherently rapists and need to be taught to go against their “nature” or 2) suggests men are being actively taught to be violent against woman.This statement also leaves the blame on men and takes a passive stance on the issue.

If you believe in educating everyone on the issue of sexual assault, then why not also teach women to be proactive about their safety? This is where self defense comes in. Self Defense is a necessary tool in everyone woman’s toolbox, not just for your safety, but also just in case you ever need to hit your cheating ex-boyfriend where it hurts (just kidding)! It is important to take personal responsibility and get proactive and educated about your own safety.


Here at Westconn, we have a program called R.A.D. Rape Aggression Defense Systems. This program is the largest women’s physical defense program in the country and focuses on realistic and basic self defense tactics and techniques. The class also discusses awareness, prevention, risk reduction, flight or flight syndrome, and even offers the option to put your new found skills to the test by sparring with one of the instructors. R.A.D. is offered periodically.


There will be a Female Safety Awareness class where you can join Officer Maz from the WCSU Police department in an intro course this Thursday on April 14th from 4pm – 6pm in White Hall, Room 122. If you are interested in signing up email Sam Almonte at almonte030@connect.wcsu.edu.

And finally what I’ve been waiting to type this whole article: Girl Pow-er! (Power Puff Girls reboot…anyone?)