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The Women’s Center celebrated Sexual Awareness Month with its annual Step Up event on Wednesday.

According to Director of Training and Outreach, Ann Rodwell-Lawton, the event is meant to raise awareness about sexual assault while giving students the opportunity to voice their opinions on sexual assault.

“The event has a message of prevention, consent, and respect. And we also make sure that victims know they are not alone, and it’s not their fault,” said Rodwell-Lawton.

20160406_134102 - CopyAccording to Melissa O’Connor, Campus Counselor Advocate, one in four women, two in five gay men, and one in six men overall are victims of sexual assault. She¬†insists that students have the power to stop sexual assault.

“It’s not only on the victim, but everyone else in the community to also take part in ending sexual violence by stepping up against it,” said O’Conner.

Naiesha Jean-Claude, a Senior majoring in Psychology says, “Everyone should be informed that it’s not alright. Everyone has their choices. They should stick with their guts,” said Jean-Claude.

“If something is not right, they should walk away and say no. And we should just respect each other,” she added.

Austin Mckinley, a student at Western, says “No means no!”