Sexual assault and dating abuse is common on campuses nationwide, which is why the Greek community hosted Safe Smart Dating at Western’s South Ballroom March 30.

relationships2According to Deborah Augenbraun, a clinical psychologist at Western, Zeta Beta Tau and Sigma Delta Tau national fraternity organizations in partnership with Jewish Women International has developed a relevant, engaging, and informative program on Safe Smart Dating addressing issues of dating abuse and sexual assault.

“I applaud WCSU’s Zeta Beta Tau and Sigma Delta Tau chapters for hosting and bringing the Safe Smart Dating Program to our campus,” said Augenbraun.


Dana Fleitman, Manager of Prevention and Training Programs for Jewish Women International, educated students about the impact that alcohol has on decision making. She urged students to make sure both partners fully consent to sexual relations. Fleitman guided the audience through several texting polls, and showed the results in real time on the projector screen.

Nathan D. Fox, Associate Director of Development for Zeta Beta Tau Foundation, gave a statistical analysis of sexual abuse on campus. According to the presentation, 40% of survivors develop STDs, 80% of survivors develop chronic physical or psychological problems, and rape survivors are six times more likely to commit suicide.


According to Karina Pin, President of Sigma Delta Tau Sorority; Delta Kappa, the Greek community sponsored the event because raising awareness about sexual assault and dating abuse is very important to all three organizations. Students were given signs that lead up to sexual assault and dating abuse, and scenarios showing that it can happen on any campus.

“It was clear after the event that almost everyone there has either gone through sexual assault or dating abuse or has known someone who has gone through it,”  said Pin, “We want to show students that they are not alone in all this.”

“Even the smallest thing as your boyfriend or girlfriend telling you what and what not to wear it can be considered dating, or it can even be as big as your partner forcing you to have sex at a time you don’t want to,” she added.

If you or someone you know is going through sexual assault or dating abuse or is in an unhealthy relationship, please report it or bring it to someone’s attention. The Woman’s Center and Counseling Centers on campus will help figure out the best possible way to work through or end relationships. If someone is in serious danger please call 911.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program please contact Karina Pin through email at