A Place of Hope Visits WCSU

Imagine this: You’re going about your day, walking around the area you live, searching for something to eat, and generally enjoying your day. Suddenly, you get physically tangled up in something. Maybe it’s balloon ribbon, or a plastic rings that come along with a six-pack of soda cans. You get injured, and your life is never the same after that.

These kinds of stories are all too common at A Place Called Hope, a nonprofit wilderness rehabilitation center located in Connecticut. They acquire animals (mostly different species of birds) that obtain injuries that were caused by humans. In addition to getting injured by non-recyclable items, the animals that come to the center have suffered from window collisions, secondary poisoning, and car crashes.

A small crowd of students and members of the Danbury community listened to these stories on Monday afternoon. As the kickoff of Animal Week, two volunteers at A Place Called Hope visited Western Connecticut State University’s Midtown campus. They showed off four birds that have permanent residence at the center, what their personalities are like, and the things that happen at the center. The crowd was entranced the entire time, especially when the birds would spread their wings and try to fly.

Animal Week at Western Connecticut State University will continue on until April 14.


Northern Sowet Owl1











American Kestrel2

Great Horned Owl3

Red Tail Hawk4







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