Month: April 2016

Trigger Warning

On the road that I live on someone has written the words “OBAMA FU*@” in some type of permanent chalk. Shocking? Yes. Vandalism? Yes. Horrible? As I took time to reflect on this last question, I realized that no, it’s… Read More ›

Bees and Lemonade

In a generation where one can purchase contraptions like the Smart Mattress to catch a cheating partner, no one should have been surprised when one of our favorite celebrities Beyoncé came out with her visual album Lemonade dishing the details… Read More ›

Why the new noise ordinance bill is scaring citizens

If you are at all involved with Mayor Mark Boughton’s Twitter or the Danbury news, then you know that Boughton is under full blast from citizens of Danbury for passing a new noise ordinance bill that allows police officers to fine vehicles and private residences for playing music too loudly.