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If you are a backyard enthusiast, into permaculture, or looking to get into gardening, then you should attend the Farm for Yourself lecture series, hosted by the Jane Goodall Center and the Roots and Shoots club scheduled every Wednesday this April, starting April 6th, from 7-8PM in the science building atrium.

Every week, there will be discussions about permaculture ad community gardening, ranging from using animals to manage land, compositing and soil amendment, backyard beekeeping, and the importance of urban community gardens.

The event is designed to have students aware of community gardening and permaculture in the Danbury area.

“The garden serves food not only to WCSU students via the cafeteria but it also has given hundred of pounds of produce to local food pantries and homeless shelters,” said  WCSU student and garden manager for the Jane Goodall Center, Ashley Kenney.

The community garden is located next to the Science building.

“The whole essence of permaculture is working together to create something sustainable and long-lasting and these lectures aim to bring awareness to the plight of farmers, the problems with the American food system, and solutions for the future,” said Kenney.

The first lecture, April 6th, Dr. Whitney Freeman of Henny Penny Farm will discuss “Using Animals to Manage your Land.” During the next lecture on April 13th, Jess Wong from Holbrook Farm will talk about “Composting and Soil Amendment.” Stacy Murphy from Sweet Pea Farm will discuss “Backyard Beekeeping and Honey Production,” on April 20th, and the last lecture on the 27th, Ashley Kenney will talk about“The Importance of Urban and Community Gardening: What is Permaculture?”

The lecture series is free and available to both students and the public.