Democrats and republicans alike have been getting into conflicts with each other that are unprecedented. Donald J. Trump was scheduled to speak at the University of Illinois at Chicago on March 11, but the event was ended early due to a breakout of fights that happened prior to the beginning of the rally.


While waiting for the event to begin, the crowd was filled with a flood of Trump supporters in “Make America Great Again” caps and sporting other Trump gear. Mixed in were hundreds of protesters that either rocked clothing reflective of their liberal agenda or signs showing their support for self-proclaimed democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

A highlight of the cancelled Chicago rally was a photo of an older Caucasian woman, who supported Trump, holding her arm up high conducting the Nazi Salute. The Chicago Tribune later interviewed the woman, and she said that she was simply teaching the meaning of the salute, insisting that she does not support Hitler, nor does she think Trump is like him.


The Chicago Tribune wrote: “…Donald Peterson, who insisted they were ‘not Nazis’ and absolutely not supporters or ‘saluting’ Adolf Hitler.”

Regardless, the question must be asked: is there a resemblance between Donald Trump’s campaign and Hitler’s rise to power?

Political figures across the globe are frightened by the parallels, such as Ted Cruz and former Mexican presidents Felipe Calderon and Vicente Fox. Senator Cruz used this association to increase political fervor against Trump in a recent GOP debate.

According to a blog post on The Economist (source), Cruz claims that he was distraught by the fact that Trump asks his audiences at rallies to pledge their vote to him by raises their arms up. Former Mexican President Fox blatantly stated that Trump was strikingly similar to Hitler in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“Today, he’s going to take that nation (U.S.) back to the old days of conflict, war and everything. I mean, he reminds me of Hitler. That’s the way he started speaking,” said Fox.

However, NPR reminds us that Trump is not and will not be the only person to be compared to the fascist German leader. In Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies, journalist Don Pittis says that the prolonged arguments result in some sort of analogy to Nazi Germany and Hitler. Trump’s rhetoric, such as anti-Muslim propaganda and classifying certain immigrants as rapists, ignoring that many U.S. citizens also rape, leads to questionable thoughts.


Nazism and Trump’s campaign prove to be alike due to the fact that a man at a Trump rally in Cleveland actually screamed at protesters, “Go to fucking Auschwitz.”

In January, Trump stood in front of a crowd of Jewish people and told them that Jews were all about money and making deals.

Anne Frank’s stepsister, Eva Schloss, wrote an essay regarding the Syrian refugee crisis saying that Trump is “acting like another Hitler by inciting racism.” She believes that fewer Jews would have died in the Holocaust had the world openly welcomed more refugees into the country.


So is Trump similar to Hitler? Holocaust survivors sure think so, and that’s some food for thought.