Over 100 students voiced their support for the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence during The Clothesline Project’s national awareness event. The Women’s Center and Western’s CaRT team organized the event, which lasted from March 8 until Tuesday.

womensAccording to Rayna Havelock, counselor and advocate for the Women’s Center, the project is a way for victims and people who support victims to have their voices heard.

“You can write on a t-shirt however you feel. And it’s really a therapeutic thing to be able to do something creative and put your voice out there,” said Havelock.

The t-shirts are ready for pickup at 105c in Higgins Hall Annex. Students who want their t-shirts can email Havelock at to arrange for pickup.

clothesline9Jalyn Walton is a junior at Western majoring in communication studies. Walton volunteered to help with the Clothesline Project.

“Seeing the different ways students here expressed their support and awareness of victims of sexual assault and domestic violence was eye opening,” said Walton.

“I think that keeping the shirts hung up was a great idea. It is a reminder to us all that there are people who face these issues everyday and with our help we can be a voice for someone who decided to stay quiet,” she added.