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Eric LaRocca, a writing major at Western Connecticut State University, enjoys burgeoning success as a playwright. PARASITE, a one-act original play that he wrote several years ago and was first performed at the Best of Fresh Blood Festival in New York City by La Petite Morgue in July 2014, was recently produced by Love Creek Productions for the Winter Chills Festival, also in New York City, in February 2016, and it was performed at The Producers Club Theater.

The play, LaRocca says, is “essentially about the degeneration of a relationship.”

And if you’re a fan of the body horror subgenre, then this is the play for you.

You could check out the video below of LaRocca’s interview (almost nine minutes long) with La Petite Morgue, the NYC-based horror theater company.


One word to describe how it feels to have his words and characters jump off the page and onto the stage?

“Terrifying. Nothing else gives me as much anxiety,” he answers.

Despite the play no longer being performed (for now, anyway), his success story couldn’t go unnoticed by the WestConn community. For all majors, when you work hard, success, no matter how big or small, will follow.

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In the photo: On stage during a production of PARASITE is Fiona Grouazel as Lucie, and Janel Tanna Smietanna as Anna.