Social media might be destroying our abilities to communicate face-to-face. A study by casino Yazino published that one in four people spend more time socializing on social media than in person,a number that has likely risen since this finding in 2010. Take a second to let that soak in. People are spending more time looking at screens and pictures of friends doing stuff, that actually looking at friends’ faces and doing things with them. While studies of this nature are constantly resurfacing and the warnings about the ‘evils’ of social media constantly seem to loom in the background, it might be time to look at this issue in the foreground.

Social media and technology are here to stay, but how can we use it to our advantage? According to the survey, 11 percent of adults choose stay at home and engage on social media instead of participating in a social environment. Don’t let that be you! Use social media only to enhance relationships and help you plan get-togethers and events; follow WCSU on facebook to stay updated on events. Social media helps you stay in contact with people you otherwise may not, and helps you to network, so it’s not all bad.

Communications courses are forced to include sections on interpersonal communication via text, email, Facebook, and the other growing number of social media in curriculum. Businesses are hastily trying to mobilize themselves on every site and app that crops up and use it to maximize marketing and networking. Social Media gives youth a leg-up on the competition and sites like LinkedIn offer you the tools to propel your career. WCSU is not in the dark about the benefits of online networking aids and are even offering a LinkedIn Workshop  on March 11. For more information on that email

Just remember to keep yourself connected, but unplug once in a while. While you may have missed the national day of unplugging March 4-5, you can still challenge yourself to go a day or two without your devices. Good luck!