Colonial Corner, formerly known as the downstairs snack bar, is now home to the coffeehouse held every Thursday night from 8-10 PM.

If you are looking for a great night of singing, ukulele, guitar, piano, poetry, or stand up comedy from fellow students, then the Midtown Coffeehouse is the spot for you (and your friends).

Many aspiring music artists take advantage of the coffeehouse to perform and show their talent.

“I just came here as a chance to perform,” said Westconn student William Lugo.*

Others share their talent to help them grow as a person and performer/artist.

“There are no lessons in victories, but there are tons in defeat. You have to be better than yesterday,” said student Toure Richardson.*

In addition to music and singing, students are also encouraged to share poetry or do stand up comedy. Many do it for fun, to improve their skills, and/or talk about their lives.

“I take from the stupidity and angst from my young life in my stand up comedy,” said Nate Seper.

This semester, the coffeehouse found a new home at the new colonial corner.

“It is a night filled with beautiful songs, joy, and great music on Thursdays at the new coffeehouse location,” said Richardson.

“I’m the person who created coffeehouse; I enjoy listening to the students. It is a nice place to be on Thursday nights.” said Walter Cramer, Dean of Students.

Every week throughout the semester, the coffeehouse has featured performances and/or musicians, which a lot are Westconn students.Coffeehouse Spring 2016 Schedule.

*Please check out these students’ music!

  • William Lugo – Instagram . Twitter: @wcommans, Lugo has a new project “Forever Dreaming” coming soon.
  • Toure Richardson- Youtube Channel . Facebook Page. Guitarist- Jeff Gursky.