The chance to cover news stories on the frontlines of the Presidential election and upcoming battle over the future of the Supreme Court is dwindling fast. March 16 is the final deadline to maximize your time this summer by taking courses for 3 to 9 transferrable credits from George Mason University.

The Institute on Political Journalism (IPJ) awards over $1 million in scholarships each year. 70% of internship applicants receive funding. Unlike other programs, IPJ guarantees each applicant an internship. Staff works to place place you with an organization that fits your skills and career goals.

Picture yourself this summer:

  • Covering the latest legislative battle by attending a hearing of Press Conference on Capitol Hill.
  • Standing on the steps of the Supreme Court as protesters exercise their first amendment rights.
  • Attending a national security press conference at the Pentagon.
  • Planning and developing a social media campaign for a client at a dynamic DC PR firm.
  • Meeting experienced reporters at lunch at The National Press Club.
  • Writing a news story about the upcoming Democratic and Republican conventions.
  • Being part of  team that helps a political candidate produce a radio TV spot.
  • Videotaping the Presidential Motorcade on your cellphone as it races down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until March 16. To learn more about the programs and to begin an online application, please visit www.DCinternships.org/IPJ. Questions may be directed to 202.986.0384 or admissions@TFAS.org.