Spring semester is breezing by and it’s never too early for college students to begin searching for their summer jobs. However, many college students don’t picture themselves dressing up in slacks and delivering the coffee in an office job or internship over the summer. Often these jobs lack the opportunities and skill development other overlooked summer jobs provide. One of these oversights is being a summer camp counselor. The American Camp Association, New York and New Jersey, a not for profit organization that focuses on enhancing the summer camp experiences, believes that being a camp counselor is the best job to prepare youth with the skill sets needed in a professional environment. Camp counselors learn leadership and responsibility by looking after a group of kids, time management by helping children with days full of activities, problem solving, communication, and teamwork skills. All of these skills are important to prospective employers and a great way to propel you on the road to success.

Recently President Obama announced the Summer Opportunity Project aimed at increasing opportunities for youth to acquire a summer job after findings that almost half of those who applied for summer job last summer got turned down. A 2012 Economic Impact Report conducted by Planning decisions, Inc. for the American Camp Association found that 7,000 summer camp programs in the Northeast employ 190,000 people during the year, ages 16-24 holding the most positions.

In addition to gaining invaluable skills, working at a camp for the summer is a memorable and fun experience. Working at camp this summer? I know I am.

To find a summer camp job, visit the American Camp Association, NY and NJ’s Find a Camp Job at www.aca-nynj.org


photo credit: American Camp Association webpage counselor-girl.jpg