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Pokemon turned 20 years old on Saturday, Feb. 27.

Even though the entire year of 2016 is set to celebrate Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, yesterday marked exactly 20 years since the Japanese franchise released its original Pokemon green and red versions.

Pokemon fans boasted about it using the hashtag #Pokemon20, throughout various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter.

Check out this link to see a collection of posts about #Pokemon20.

Students here at Westconn also celebrated its anniversary by Instagram videos and posts on social media.

Westconn student Christina Sangkasinsoo created an Instagram video about #Pokemon20.

The anniversary of Pokemon’s original release made fans reflect on how the game impacted their lives.

“As the years went on, I saw how pokemon was changing, not just show or game wise, but how it was changing me. Whether it was teaching me lessons on how to overcome problems with your friends, or even how one person, no matter who they are can make a difference in this world,” said Westconn student Kyle Struski.

MewTwo, a grayish purple Pokemon taught me that life should never be taken for granted. As a child, I didn’t like MewTwo but after re-watching Pokémon, I’ve learned how wise and ‘human’ pokémons truly are. This quote from MewTwo, ‘“I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are,’ is proof that we can learn from cartoons,” said Sangkasinsoo. 

“Pokemon will always have a special place in my heart. It taught me numerous morals and lessons; sometimes life will not go the way you want and you will have to deal with hard times. You will make friends, rivals, and enemies along your journey. The friends will be there to support you, the rivals will bring competition, and the enemies will try to drag you down,” said WestConn student Jonny Aliwalas. 

As apart of this special time for Pokemon fans, Pokemon is expected to release various games, merchandise, and even creating a Pokemon20 website.

Pokemon also released a commercial during the Super Bowl with the slogan, “Train On.”

You can celebrate Pokemon’s 20th anniversary all year long on the Pokemon20 website; the website is scheduled to bring new features and opportunities throughout the year of 2016.