Grapeness2015_HandsGrapesJessica Pascale  | Opinion-Editorial Editor

It’s an all-too-common story: boy meets girl, they fall for each other, and everything is fine- until little by little, the relationship becomes toxic and violent. Once it gets to that level, it’s very hard to not only get out of it, but to find support. Jewish Women International (JWI) recognized this as a problem, and has made it part of their mission to not only support victims of domestic violence, but to find ways to educate the public on ways to prevent it from happening in the first place.

To achieve this goal, they teamed up with Sigma Delta Tau, a national sorority, to find ways to get their message across. It was a partnership made in heaven. One of the things that Sigma Delta Tau stands for is empowering women, which collaborates nicely with Jewish Women International’s goal of protecting women and their rights. The two organizations have worked together in numerous ways to raise money and awareness for these causes. One of the most successful things to come from this partnership is Safe Smart Dating, a program created to bring awareness to college campuses about healthy relationships, dating violence, and sexual assault. Jewish Women International works with Sigma Delta Tau, as well as Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, to bring this program to various college campuses across the nation.

Safe Smart Dating is not the only JWI and Sigma Delta Tau collaboration to become nationwide. In 2013, JWI and Sigma Delta Tau started the Girls Achieve Grapeness campaign to help end domestic violence. This campaign operates on the fact that people who are empowered grow into strong individuals who will not tolerate abuse in any form. They would also take on the initiative to inform others about this issue, and hopefully get it to end. To achieve this, the two organizations partnered up with OPI to create a shade of purple nail polish to sell on college campuses. It debuted in October of that year for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The campaign became so successful that every year, OPI launches a new shade of purple nail polish to contribute to the cause.

Western Connecticut State University’s chapter of Sigma Delta Tau sells this nail polish every year. For 2016, they are selling two different shades of purple that OPI has released- one light and one dark. It will be available to purchase until February 26, at $10 a bottle. All of the money raised from the sale of these nail polishes will go directly to Jewish Women International to continue in their fight to end domestic violence.