The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science degree is designed to meet the needs of students interested in software development. (

Western plans to expand its computer science program with goals to appeal to those also interested in the arts.

The university will be adding two Bachelor of Arts degree programs: Digital and Interactive Media Arts (DIMA) and Applied Computing.

Dr. Ganchev, the Computer Science Department Chair, is excited for the changes.

“The new programs will broaden the opportunities for our graduates in the areas in which talent currently is sought most: IT security and software engineering,” he says.

The official proposal for DIMA describes the program as a way of joining aesthetic expression with recent fields of computer programming, video animation, game design and interactive web design.It will offer Media Production or Programming as its specialized concentrations.

The proposed degree and program sheet can be read here.


The official proposal for Applied Computing describes the program’s goal as a degree with fewer mathematical requirements while still addressing the liberal arts, professional education, and workforce needs.

Specialized concentrations will also be offered, such as IT security, digital media and software engineering.

The proposed degree and program sheet can be read here.

DIMA was approved by the Board of Regents last month, but Applied Computing is still awaiting on approval.

Dr. Ganchev hopes to get this approval by the end of the semester.

Since the introductory courses for Applied Computing and DIMA are the same for some of the existing courses, current and new students admitted for Fall 2016 will be able to declare these majors.

“This will allow students to concentrate on an area of computing according to their interests,” says Dr. Ganchev. “These are areas in which currently there is high industry demand for qualified employees. The department has competent instructors in these areas.”