Maria Langan | News Editor


Spontaneous acts of love decked the halls of Western as the Student Philanthropy Committee raised a whopping $630 for scholarships last week.

Student Philanthropy is a committee under the Student Government Association (SGA) that was established last year by Louise Carrozza as a means to raise money for scholarships. Last week’s sale was the committee’s first Valentine fundraiser.
valentine sale

The current chair, Ryan Hawley, said he has ambitious goals for this semester. He wants to re-instill Carrozza’s vision, and give back to students by the end of this year.

According to Jenna DiCiacco, a member of the committee, students showed appreciation for the fundraiser, and many generously donated even if they didn’t buy anything.

“It was a huge success overall,” said DiCiacco, “And it was made clear the profits are going to a great cause that could potentially benefit the buyer at the end of the semester.”

ryanalisonThe committee aims to give away a tuition scholarship. Otherwise, book scholarships will be dispersed as gift cards to Western’s book store.

According to Hawley, the committee’s 2nd annual Lip Sync is going to be a major upcoming event, whereupon the scholarship may be announced. The Lip Sync will feature awards, gift cards and refreshments.

“The vision is to let students know there’s a committee that’s looking out for them and their financial hardships,” said Hawley, “We’re just trying to give back to students, and instill hope so they won’t be worried about college.”