Taken At the O’Neil on Westside Campus of Western Connecticut State University¬†
By: Connor Falaguerra
Sports Editor

The Eastern Connecticut State University women’s basketball team came in to the game first in there conference with an 8-2 LEC record and a 16-5 overall record. In this game they weren’t looking back as they just dominated the Colonials throughout the whole game.

The Western Connecticut State University women’s basketball team had the first point of the night when they were up early with a 1-0 lead. But the Warriors went on a 11-0 run and just kept dominating the Colonials inside.

This game meant something to both teams. They are huge rivals trying to show who is the better Connecticut basketball team in the state.

The Warriors were very effective on getting the Colonials off there game. They were able to pass the ball effectively by utilizing the bounce pass. They were able to get a lot of back door passes to get easier baskets.

The Colonials are usually very good at defensive rebounds but the Warriors had two big girls out rebounding the Colonial big girls. Erin Brooks and Lexis Foster both had a combine 12 rebounds, which doesn’t seem like a big number but was key for the Warriors.

Eastern is a very stout defensive team and they didn’t show no signs of slowing down on defense. They were able to get Western to miss some contested shots and get them out of rhythm. Western were taking unnecessary long two’s and three’s when they could of tried to get the ball inside more.

At the start of the second the Warriors had a 17-3 run and they just kept pushing to keep there big lead. The Colonials didn’t give up and they cut the deficit to 14 points but that was all they could of done. The final score was 68-54 Warriors.

Coming in to this game the Colonials were on a five game tear but that came to an end verses the Warriors. The Warriors remain in first place with Keene State jumping ahead of the Colonials to be in second place in the conference. But the Colonials aren’t out of it as they stay in third place for now and are tied with Keene State with an 8-3 record in conference.

On a positive note, Samantha Smith of the Colonials had a fantastic game coming up with five steals. She also lead the team in scoring with 14 points and had five rebounds. She was literally all over the court in this game.

Western Connecticut State University will be playing home against Keene State on Saturday February, 13th at 1:00 p.m. This is another big match-up for the Colonials as they try to take over second place again in the conference.