Brendan Dyer | Staff Writer

Trends never die as young as they should. Tweeting, twerking, dabbing—to name a few of our generation’s shining jewels. If you’ve been so blessed to witness the recent cataclysm of “vaping” you’re not the only one. The typical vape-user emerges from an often intrusive cloud of vapor which makes them easily recognizable. Hell, even Leonardo DiCaprio vapes.

The popular E-cigarettes with which one vapes range from 12 dollar disposables to upwards of 400 dollar custom made ones. But are these personal fog machines worth the risk?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines the E-cigarettes as electronic nicotine delivery systems, or ENDS. As of now, 40 states prohibit the sale of ENDS to minors, Connecticut being one of them. Standing as the least regulated source of nicotine, there is doubt that they’re as safe as people may think.

On the low end, the system is rather simple. It holds maybe 500 puffs of the stuff and it’s done, like a wind-up camera. When you spend upwards of 40 dollars, your vaping system becomes more complicated. It consists of two parts; the tank and the power supply. The tank holds your liquid, known to the vape-life culture as oil. The second part is the power supply, which houses the battery to the device, fueling the habit. Together, the tank and the power supply transform into the vape-pen.

The liquids contain a number of yet-to-be-determined chemicals, one notably being nicotine. Depending on your preference, you can get different amounts of nicotine. Some contain no nicotine, others contain anywhere from 3-percent to 12-percent. Now what one must wonder is what’s in the other 88-percent of those little vials.

Oh, the flavors! There is an explosive amount of different flavors you can get for your vapor delivery system that may contain chemicals A through Z but that doesn’t matter, right? Wrong, the amount of research on the health risks for these devices is very limited. The FDA has received reports of potential adverse effects brought about by inhaling E-cigarette vapor, linking the products to pneumonia, congestive heart failure, seizure, disorientation and hypotension.

So when inhaling your condensed, vaporized lemon-meringue pie through an electronic tube, realize not only that we are in the future, but that you also may die. But at least you get to blow a gigantic cloud.

Since the FDA is still waiting on the approval of a proposed rule to regulate the E-cigarettes, no regulations can be placed on them. Extensive scientific review of the products would be put in action when the rule is approved and it’s likely that the products will draw a lot of controversy.  Until then, the attitude of vape first ask questions later will persist to the consumers possible demise, but look, smoke rings.