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By: Connor Falaguerra
Sports Editor

It was an occasion that will never be forgotten at Western Connecticut State University as two men’s basketball players hit a milestone. It was January 27th, a Wednesday night at the O’Neil Center on the Westside Campus and Phil Starks approaches the line after he got fouled.

He was at 999 points when he approached that line probably thinking of every point he scored to reach this point in his career. As he lets go of the ball the crowd is watching intently to see if he would reach his 1,000th point. The ball goes through the net and he reaches his 1,000th point.

The game stops for a few seconds as the crowd applause him for his achievement. He waves to the crowd thanking him for the support. He then reaches the foul line again to take his second free throw shot and he sinks it to make it his 1,001th point of his astonishing career.

But he wasn’t the only player on the men’s basketball team to reach 1,000 points for his career.

Luis Bridtter scored his 1,000th point a little bit later in the second half when he shot a jumper and as he was running down on defense the game stopped. Some people didn’t know what was going on but when everyone was congratulating him  on his achievement the crowd realized they witnessed another player getting a career mark.

Bridtter finished with 19 points as Starks finished as the top scorer of 22 points in the there 102-79 win over Rhode Island College.

Starks was the 27th person to reach 1,000 and Bridtter was the 28th person. But they both will be in the record books as great players in Western history.