Mary Sheppard | Managing Editor

Western Connecticut State University will be holding a public forum at 1 p.m., Friday, February 5th, in White Hall room #127 on the Midtown campus in order to discuss the development of the Multi-Purpose Hazard Mitigation Plan.



The plan is funded by a grant allocated by the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It will assist WCSU in identifying and reducing risks from natural hazards, identifying actions that can be taken to prevent damage and loss of life, and prioritizing funding for mitigation efforts. The plan will be working to make campuses more sustainable and disaster-resilient, and it will also include ConnSCU’s four state Universities, 12 community colleges, and Charter Oak State College.

The forum will cover topics such as the development of the plan, the work that has been completed to date so far, and the potential hazards that could present risks to campus operations. Members of the planning committee will be available to answer questions, and students, faculty, staff, stakeholders, and members of neighboring communities are invited to attend and provide comments and feedback.

For more information, you can call the Office of University Relations at (203)-837-8486.