Jordan A. Sprogis | Editor-in-Chief

The Echo staff at work on Monday afternoon.

If you passed by The Echo’s office a few semesters ago, then you probably saw a tumbleweed roll by.

But since Western offered Campus Writer’s Workshop, a course where students earn credit for writing for The Echo, content has been constantly flowing out with goals to expand their audience.

“We’ve always individually worked outside the office and just brainstormed here,” says Jessica Pascale, 21, a Journalism major who has been on The Echo for three semesters. “Sometimes it’s a little noisy, but the energy is nice.”

For the first time in a long time, The Echo has a full and consistent staff.

“There is always a lot of chatting, talking about ideas,” says Alana Branch, 25, a Creative Writing major who has been on staff for three semesters. “I love working in here. We’re getting stuff done.”

Writing major Maria Langan, 34, has only been with The Echo for two semesters, but couldn’t agree more.

“I’ve never worked with anyone in here before,” she says. “I like the office with more people here. It feels like a team.”

As for the fact that The Echo is back on track? Writing major Alex Giobbi, 22, who has been on staff for five semesters, weighs in.

“This stands as a test to the professionalism that we are trying to achieve,” he says. “We’ve come a long way. This is the best chance to show that we can be totally functional if we keep operating on this business model.”