Jordan A. Sprogis

Worship leader and songwriter Jared Anderson will be in Danbury at the Community Coffeehouse to share stories and songs of worship on Feb. 4 at 7:30 p.m. The night will include performances of new and longtime favorites, including his number one hit “The Great I Am,” according to a press release.

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Those who attend will receive the chance to meet Jared while enjoying free coffee and other refreshments. Tickets are $20 in advance and can be purchased online at or at the door.

Jared did not always see himself writing worship music. He grew up playing piano in church and singing in youth meetings, but when he was in college, he saw his music going in a different direction. However, he began feeling a pull back to church and worship music in its entirety.

“God revealed to me, and it was a slow process,” says Jared. “Worship songs are prayers. We’re reciting the word of God back to him, and pretty soon we’re not just reciting it or singing it, we’re living it.”

Wherever Jared is, whether it be a church, a coffeehouse, or an amphitheater, he believes that he can take a single song and turn it into a journey.

Currently, Jared is working on a series of inspiration albums that feature piano-driven, folk-rock songs centering on subjects such as love to literature to life’s biggest questions. He continues to serve as a worship team leader at his home church, New Life, in Colorado Springs, CO, while traveling the country to lead at various churches and conferences.

Jared and his wife, Megan, along with their four children, Everet, Becket, Francie, and Lyla, have decided to enlarge their family by adopting two orphans, John Diego and Christine, from Haiti.

“We can’t wait until they’re home with us in Colorado,” Jared says. God is doing something in our home and our family.”

To learn more about Jared’s ministry and music, visit his website at