No Fear! Help with Financial Aid is Here!

Mary Sheppard
Managing Editor

Eric LaRocca 
Staff Writers

Do you need help in the financial aid process? Are you struggling to complete your FAFSA? Are you interested in entering to win a $200 scholarship? Well, we have good news! Western Connecticut State University will host “College Goal Sunday”, a statewide college financial aid event, from 1-4p.m. on January 31st in the Midtown Student Center.

The event will provide knowledge to students and their families on the FAFSA process, a key step to financing a college education. Students who participate can enter to win a $200 scholarship, even if they don’t plan on attending WCSU next semester.

The event is being sponsored by the Connecticut Association of Professional Financial Aid Administrators, and supported by the African American Affairs Commission, American Savings Foundation, The Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority, Notional College Assess Network, Connecticut Association of Educational Opportunity Programs, and Follett Bookstore.

Any interested parties can register for the free event at, or contact Dr. Anna-Maria Heredia at (203) 837-8925.


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