The Espier

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.30.22 PM.png

Yet another Oddity of the University: apparently, there’s a stray storm cloud coasting around the Campus Center on Westside dropping copious amounts of citrus slices, particularly lemon and lime. Western never ceases to impress.

I took this picture a few days after seeing these slices for the first time because the first day I saw them it was pouring rain. Not only do I prefer my cameras not drenched, but I expected them to be picked up and removed the next day when it wasn’t raining. You can imagine my surprise when I passed by the same area nearly three days later and saw the same citrus slices lying outside the Campus Center near the staircase leading into the side of the Classroom Building. They were all withered and dried up at that point, but still, with so many prospective students roaming both campuses, you’d think someone would notice the mess and do something about it, but I suppose that wasn’t the case here.

My theory on this one is that Sodexo was catering for an event and was either going to the event or cleaning up after it and dropped a tray of lemon and lime slices that were meant to accompany water or maybe guacamole or something. Why Sodexo wouldn’t bother cleaning them up is beyond me, but it just communicates laziness to me more than anything else.

I found it quite funny actually.

Here I am, stressed about the end of the term and all the work I have to complete so I can go home and watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in peace and I stumble upon a field of citrus slices. It got a good grin out of me, then got me thinking: if today it’s citrus slices, then what will it be tomorrow? A tray of desserts? Steaks? Cheeseburgers? A sticky puddle of syrup?

I don’t know, but hopefully we don’t see these oddities again, and if you happen to, send the pics to the Echo and we’ll post ‘em for you guys.

Keep your eyes open.