Halal, a New and Rising Rap Group

Emilia Dabrowski
Staff Writer 


It’s only been nine months, but Halal is determined to mark its presence in the rap scene.

 Halal’s members are all Westconn students: Bryan “Blizzy” Ewell, Kevin “Habib” Rosario, Alswel “Ozzy Wavy” Brown, Reginald Lorius, and Brad   Bulter.

 “You can’t be scared to be bad at something you want to be good at,” says Rosario. This motivated Ewell to start rapping.

Right now, Halal makes music for fun to express views and thoughts, with goals to eventually have a larger audience and to make more music.

 “We spent a lot of money on this, we want to make it big one day,” says Brown.

 Rosario in the past went to Newark, New Jersey, and was moved by the large Muslim community. After learning a little of the Muslim culture, Rosario was inspired by the word Halal because it means to be allowed to do something.

 “Halal means permissible according to Islamic Law,” says Ewell.

 “Halal is a word that inspires the group to feel good about themselves, it builds culture,” comments Brown.

 The songs released so far are heavily related to the crimes in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The lyrics in their songs capture the anger towards current events.

 “There are a lot of people going to jail and dying and they are getting closer and closer to me. The song ‘Get Yourself a Gun’ means a lot to me of what’s going on where I come from,” says Ewell.

 Check out their songs on SoundCloud.

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