Why it is important to look good, even in college

Emilia Dabrowski
Staff Writer

Unless you go to an art or fashion based school, you are most likely in a school where many students do not make the effort to look nice for class.

url.jpgI’m not trying to be overly critical, but in reality, you are making an impression of yourself to your professors every day you walk into class as a student or even as a future employee. Professors naturally admire students who are not only dedicated to his or her studies, but also present him or herself well. They are not trying to be judgmental; it is human nature-looks are a first impression.

 To add on to that, in college there are days where you might go to a job fair, make a presentation in class, or an interview for a job after graduation. These all require you to look your best, and employable.

 Looking good also means feeling good. Everyone has his or her own personal style and what he or she likes and dislikes, however, dressing your part can also give you confidence in the classroom, increase your productivity, a boost in self-esteem, and even attention without asking for it.

 Now, with how much fashion has evolved that everyday styles are more mainstream than suits and evening gowns, you do not even have to even sacrifice comfort to look good, because now you can look good and comfortable. This means dressing up nice is not only defined by wearing something fancy; it could simply mean wearing clothes that flatter you and your body, and/or something that represents you.

 I understand that all us have bad days, go through rough patches in life, and/or go through serious issues. But, maybe we should treat college like it’s a dream job, and regardless of what you are going through, you still have to present yourself well everyday to customers, students, patients, or clients.

There is not one way or one style that everyone has to follow to “look good”.  It could plainly mean putting in an extra few minutes in the morning (or afternoon) before heading off to class.

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