Weezer taunts Christian pastors in new music video

Dakota Sarantos
Managing Editor

Weezer is keeping the faith. The band know for their quirky videos, like the Hugh Heffner featured “Beverly Hills” and YouTube star filled “Pork and Beans,” released a music video Monday morning for their new song “Thank God for Girls.”

 The video is a departure from standard Weezer practice and features *gasp* boobies. It’s as odd as the song’s lyrics and features a spray-tanned, cannoli gargling, dirty poker playing Christian pastor who heals people with the power of the Bible. It’s the most exciting Weezer video in at least seven years, and shows the pastor to be corrupt and stealing money from his believers.

 Whether it’s a political statement or just Weezer having some fun is too hard to tell. Either way, it’ll get some fundamentalists upset with some hilarious moments and is worth checking out.

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