Alana Branch
Arts and Entertainment Editor

He made going to school okay

He acted like he cared about me

I didn’t care about where he came from…

… until he made me mad,

And then the racist in me would appear;

Regret quickly followed.

But I think I loved him

Though he crushed on someone else

Nothing new of course

 I was black and he was whatever and she was whatever

And together they seemed like they made sense somehow

Even though she might’ve cared for him less

His art made me appreciate my own

His stare across the cafeteria made me warm

I’ll always remember the stare

What a reunion!

I wonder where he is now

I wonder if he thinks about me too when the time is inconvenient

I can’t help but think that I was his inconvenience

A thousand years later it seems

And he as a memory trumps them all

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