Georgia Pimentel: Student, Writer, Rock Star | Thomas Guardado

We’ve all had wild dreams when we were younger. Some may have wanted to be an astronaut; others may have wanted to be president or a firefighter. Georgia Pimentel had the dream to be a professional singer.

 Georgia Pimentel, a junior at Western Connecticut State University, has been singing her heart out for years. When she was younger, Pimentel would sing into a comb and dance around, putting on a show for her family.

 “When I was 3 or 4, I would grab a comb and act like I was Britney Spears…” Pimentel said.

 She was a superstar in her own mind and this would build the foundation for her future in music.

 Pimentel’s brother, Ted Tsitiridis, said his sister always had a passion for performing. She never gave up an opportunity to be the center of attention.

 “She would just start singing and dancing all over the place,” Tsitiridis said. “That was just her favorite thing to do.”

Growing up, Pimentel was introduced to different types of music from The Backstreet Boys to Blink-182 and Drake. Her biggest influence in pursuing her music, however, would be drawn from the female-fronted rock band Paramore.

 “My brother introduced me to Paramore and something about them just stuck with me,” Pimentel said. “I was just really inspired by them. It was awesome to see a girl rocking out in a scene that is dominated by men.”

 In the fall of 2014, Pimentel, along with her longtime friend, Thomas Guardado, (also the writer of this profile) formed the band London Eyes. They have since put out an EP titled Habits and a single called Cheers. The two have also shared the stage with the likes of Silverstein, Conditions, Kicking Daisies, and I See Stars.

 “I didn’t want to be a solo artist,” Pimentel said. “I love performing with my band and creating something as a group. Also the fact that I can look over to them while we’re on stage and just have a quick laugh together is super relaxing too.”

She finds the creative process with her band rewarding and enjoys feeding off of their energy both on and off the stage. The nerves of having to perform in front of a crowd still get to her, but Pimentel says that once she gets started, all the nerves and jitters just disappear.

 “You look out and sometimes there are just five people in the crowd,” Pimentel says, “but sometimes you look out and there are hundreds of people there. In both cases you still get nervous.”

 According to Pimentel, preforming in front of a crowd is without a doubt an exhilarating feeling, especially if the crowd is there to see her and cheer her on. The energy that exists in a rock show is tremendous.

 “There’s no feeling like it though,” Pimentel said. “When the crowd is into it, I can just feed off of their energy and have the time of my life.”

 Off the stage, Pimentel is a professional writing major with a focus on creative writing. She hopes to be a published author one day.

 “I’ve always loved to read and write,” Pimentel said. “It’s definitely helped me write lyrics. I’m part of the Black-and-White Journal at WestConn and I’ve been published in that journal. I’m working on a book now and we’ll see what happens with it.”

 If music doesn’t end up working out for Pimentel, she will pursue a career in writing whether it’s helping with songwriting or writing a book.

 Check out the duo in this short clip!

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