A Nightmare on White Street: Is it safe to walk?

Jordan A. Sprogis
Every day, students, faculty, and visitors alike cross the busy three-lane street that divides the White Street garage and Western’s Midtown campus. Over the past five years, with one dating back to last month, there have been several accidents and near-accidents while crossing White Street.
In light of the recent hit-and-run, The Echo decided to ask students around campus whether or not they felt safe while crossing.
“I would say no because sometimes the cars don’t stop and they don’t see the lights,” says junior Alyssa Eannotti.
Senior Richard Frey recounts his experience earlier that morning when he attempted to cross the street but was cut off by a van that sped through the crosswalk.
“It was certainly unsettling, especially because we did turn the lights on and waited to make sure everybody stopped,” he says.
Some students decide to use the pedestrian bridge, which was installed when the White Street garage was built in the late ’90s.
“I use the bridge now because last week I almost got hit by a car,” said student Taylor Racevicius.
After student Dong Lin’s death in Nov. 2011, Western had to take extra measures in making sure that crossing the street would be as safe as possible. In early 2013, the school installed three sets of lights on White Street following Midtown, where a pedestrian would press the button when they want to cross and two sets of lights would flash furiously to warn drivers ahead.

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