For decades tattooists have been wrapping the fresh tattoos with saran wrap, as a temporary barrier to protect the abrasion from unsanitary contact. Saran wrap seals the moisture on the skin preventing the tattooed area from drying out, which causes scabbing in the later stages of healing and can result in an improperly healed tattoo, causing ink to fall out of the skin. Even a well done tattoo can look like a mess with this method of healing.

 The saran wrap acts as a sufficient barrier for up to 12 hours after the tattooing session, but the client must take this wrap off to prevent over motorization that can cause an irritating rash on the skin. The client determines when it is time to take the first barrier off and clean the tattoo. The client must either wrap a fresh piece of saran wrap over the dry tattoo or apply bacitracin in the form of Aqua fora, Neosporin, or A&D ointment. The client is in control of the healing process during the first 48 hours after the tattooing procedure, which is the most crucial time for healing. During this time, the artist is usually wondering whether the tattoo is healing properly since their reputation depends on how well the tattoo heals. Average people cannot tell whether the tattoo improperly healed or if the tattoo looked like that from the beginning. Also the client is uncertain if they are properly moisturizing.

 The science of tattoo aftercare evolved to create a solution. Tatu Derm is a new product that acts as a barrier for up to 48 hours after the tattoo session is completed. Tatu Derm is waterproof, transparent, and a breathable bacterial barrier. It is flexible and can stick on all dry surfaces of the body. It is hypoallergenic and latex free. More importantly the wrap makes healing a tattoo easy. After the first 48 hours a client can clean the abrasion and apply a new wrap for another 48. The client and artist can be more certain that less healing issues will occur.