The evolution of the coozie into a SmartCoozie is here

A modern adaptation of the coozie enables users to hold a beverage and smartphone device in one hand, making it the latest smartphone accessory in the market.

The Western Marketing Association invited the creators of the SmartCoozie to a Think Tank on Sept. 29 to provide insight in promoting their product nationwide.

“The Western Marketing Association is a member of the American Marketing Association of collegiate chapters, consisting of over 250 chapters across the United States,” said Donna Coehlo, the club’s advisor. “The association has been an award winning chapter for the last six years and is in the process of opening a student run ad agency.”

The President of the Western Marketing Association, Eljay Feuerman added, “The goal for today’s Think Tank is to create a brainstorming session to generate a conversation between the students and creators.”

1d7358_6b598f4bed1d422d89b93d056c62bc9dThe SmartCoozie provides smartphone users with the ability to place their smartphones within the sleeve of the coozie while having full capability of interacting with their devices.

The creators of the SmartCoozie are Timothy Deakin and Dr. Ralph Tremaglio, Jr. The two creators have been longtime friends and are currently neighbors.

Deakin is an Adjunct Professor in the Justice and Law Division of the Ancell School of Business at Western Connecticut State University and has a law practice in Danbury, CT. His partner, Dr. Ralph Tremaglio MD, is a full-time professor at Fairfield University.

According to the creators, the idea for the SmartCoozie was conceived at a graduation party where they noticed several of the attendees holding their beverage in one hand and smartphone in the other. At that moment, they realized that the world needed a new way to conveniently hold a beverage and smartphone device simultaneously.

“We are excited to have people think about it outside of ourselves and have a club that is dedicated to thinking about these aspects of the business,” Tremaglio said.

​The SmartCoozie costs $8 and the creators claim that $8,300 worth of product has been sold to date. The SmartCoozie is available in multiple shapes, catering to cans and bottles, and has the ability to be paired with the bigger sized smartphones in the market.

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